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Work Where
You Want

Not all of us are cut out for office jobs. Sales Abroad offers you the freedom to do what you love, where you love to be.

Work On Your
Own Time

We offer you the flexibility to work on your own time. Forget 9 to 5. You can fit your schedule to any U.S. time zone.


We offer uncapped commissions to fit your uncapped lifestyle. There’s no limit on your potential to earn great money.

Gain Valuable
Sales Experience

We offer valuable resources that will help you expand your sales experience so you can take your career to the next level.

International Network
Of Sales Professionals

Work among the world’s top sales professionals and thought leaders who inspire, challenge and encourage you.

At Sales Abroad, we’re looking for innovators, creators, and thinkers whose passion propels them in work and in life. Adventurers inhabit these qualities, which is why we’re expanding our search for a sales team abroad. Because there should be no limits when it comes to discovering great talent.

Robert Henderson  |  JumpCrew CEO

Our Ideal Candidate

Native English Speaker

As a world traveler, we’re sure you know many languages, but for this sales opportunity you must be a native English speaker.

Experienced in Sales

We’re looking for someone who has at least 2 years of sales experience, eager to grow and learn as you explore the world.


Since your office can be anywhere, including a beach, it’s important to have the self-discipline to stay organized and on-schedule.

Wifi Connected

A solid WiFi connection is essential to getting the job done as you’ll need to always be accessible to clients and coworkers.

Our Hiring Process

Record a
Video Interview

We send you questions, and you record your answers. This helps us understand who you are and how you may fit our team.

Advance to a
Virtual Screening

Meet the Sales Abroad hiring team for a preliminary virtual interview to see if you have the qualifications needed for the opening.

Interview with
the Sales Manager

As the last step in your interview process, you’ll have a virtual interview with our Sales Manager, who will make the final decision.

The JumpCrew Journey

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